Tom Barile and Emily Jung
Our friends Tom and Emily.

Tom, definitely an "old world" gentleman.
Just don't beep your horn if you're behind him in a narrow street lest he will challenge you for a duel for which Emily will supply the gun.
Tom Barile and Emily Jung

Beverly Dal Pozzal
Beverly Dal Pozzal Beverly Dal Pozzal and I were alumni of New England Conservatory of Music back in 1956, but we didn't know each other then. It took our friends, the Perrault's, to get us physically together in 2005, but we had been computer friends since 1997. With a smooth soprano voice here she is sharing her talent, with Anne Franciose Perrault at the piano

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Elizabeth and Henry Grant
Henry and Bunny Grant Elizabeth, more affectionately referred to as Bunny, and her husband Henry.
We have known each other since 1973 and consider them amongst our closest friends.

Henry, a true and loyal friend.
They just don't make them like that anymore, and all I can say is "Thank God" for that because he is a big pain.

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Yola Levine and Charlotte Hartlaub
Our friends Yola Levine (center)
and Charlotte Hartlaub.

The epitome of class and kindness. We love them both and
treasure their friendship.
Yola Levine and Charlotte Hartlaub

Ines Linzmayer
Ines Linzmayer Ines now lives in Atlanta but for almost twenty years was our next door neighbor with whom we established a family like bond. Born in Argentina, she is a pediatrician and her gentle nature well qualifies her for that profession. But the handsome child in the picture is not one of her patients. He is Liam, her grandson.

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Yara and Andrew Litosch
Our friends and neighbors, Yara and Andrew. They are Ukranian so, between our two houses there is a mini United Nations. She is an accomplished artist and business woman. Andrew, an electronics engineer, is the perfect neighbor to have: He knows and does everything! Yara and Andrew Litosch

Sue and Selwyn Nimaroff
The Nimaroff's Our dearest friends
the Nimaroff's.
Sue, a most gracious and serene personality, graduate of Wellesley.
Selwyn, a lawyer by way of Michigan University and Fordham, raconteur, a valued and trusted counselor and a true friend
(who paid me to say these things).

Anne and Michel Perrault
Our friends Anne and Michel, at their house in Cummaquid, Massachusetts. Anne is an accomplished pianist, member of the faculty at Longy Music School in Boston. Michel, notwithstanding his PhD in ancient Chinese history, is actually a heck of a nice guy, a good viola player, and an excellent barbershop quartet'ter. At the Perrault's in November 2004

Jean and Richard Standing
Jean and Dick Standing Jean and Richard
Definitely at the top end of our list of friends. Got to know them when we moved to New Jersey in 1980.
Only problem is, shortly after we moved in, they moved out.
The rumor is they were afraid that with our arrival the neighborhood would be going down hill.
The truth is we were glad they left.

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George Sullivan
Our friend and long time neighbor George Sullivan, a highly respected admiralty lawyer by way of Johns Hopkins Univerty and the University of Maryland. His business travels sometimes took him far around the world including the countries of Eastern Europe. He sure can tell interesting stories about some exotic places in the world. Our friend George Sullivan

Sydele and Jules Wolfin
We had to go all the way to Copenhagen in 1998 to meet the the Wolfin's
but that alone was well worth the trip and, starting with a dinner at
Tivoli Gardens, have been friends ever since.
One of the most
jovial couples we know.
Sydele is full of life with an engaging personality that matches that of Jules. We love to hear her discuss her stock market forays.
Jules, a self made and highly successful businessman, can talk about anything from Velcro to metal molding in addition to interesting experiences in World War II.
Sydele and Jules Wolfin