The Grant's ...

Our friends Bunny and Henry have two children, Christopher, the older and Hillary. We knew the Grants before Hillary was born and when Christopher was about five years old. But Christopher grew up and so did Hillary who got married to a handsome young lawyer and became Mrs. Dixon. The following are just some of the pictures first of:

Hillary's wedding
their new daughter, little Morgan Elizabeth Dixon
Hillary's modeling portfolio.

The New Mr. and Mrs. Craig Dixon

The New Couple

Hillary and her parents at the wedding reception
Hillary and her parents at her wedding reception

Daddy's first dance with the new bride
First dance with the new bride

Bunny and Henry with their son Christopher With Christopher at the Church

The Grant's with us at the reception
With us at the reception

The Dixon couple in their Honeymoon

On August 23, 2005

Hillary gave birth to Morgan Elizabeth Dixon

Hillary with "little Morgan" at 9 weeks

Bunny, a definitely proud grandma (and with good reason)!

Not so little Morgan Elizabeth
(at 4 months old in January 2006)

Hillary's Modeling Portfolio...

Hillary Modeling 01 Hillary Modeling 02

Hillary Modeling 03 Hillary Modeling 04